Application Checklist

  1. Applications Checklist
  2. Timeline for JD Application Process

Application Checklist

All clinics require that students submit a general application form, a resume and an unofficial transcript via the Clinic Application and Matching System (CAMS). The following chart outlines any additional documents or procedures that may be required to complete your application. Please consult the individual clinic descriptions for full details.


Clinic Semester/Year Pre- or Co-requisites Writing sample Interview
Brennan Center Public Policy Advocacy Fall, Spring -- -- See description
Business Law Transactions Fall, Spring Yes -- --
Civil Litigation - Employment Law, Full-Year Year -- -- See description
Civil Litigation - Employment Law, Semester-Long Fall, Spring -- -- See description
Criminal Appellate Defender Spring Yes -- --
Criminal Defense and Reentry Year Yes -- Yes
Education Advocacy Spring -- -- See description
Education Sector Policy and Consulting Fall, Spring -- -- See description
Environmental Law Fall, Spring -- -- Yes
Equal Justice and Defender Spring Yes -- Yes
Family Defense Fall -- -- Yes
Family Defense with NY Defenders Spring See description -- Yes
Federal Defender Year Yes -- Yes
Federal Judicial Practice Externship Fall -- -- Yes
Global Justice-for JDs Year Yes -- See description
Global Justice-for LLMs Fall Yes -- See description
Government Civil Litigation Externship - EDNY Fall, Spring See description Yes --
Government Civil Litigation Externship - SDNY Fall, Spring See description -- --
Immigrant Defense Spring See description -- --
Immigrant Rights Year See description -- See description
International Environmental Law Fall See description Yes Yes
International Organizations Fall Yes -- Yes
International Transactions - for JDs Year See description -- See description
International Transactions - for LLMs Spring See description -- Yes
Juvenile Defender Year Yes -- Yes
Legislative and Regulatory Process Fall Yes -- Yes
LGBTQ Rights Externship Spring -- -- Yes
Local Prosecution Externship (formerly DANY Externship) Fall, Spring Yes -- See description
Mediation Fall See description -- Yes
Mediation - Advanced: Dispute System Design Spring See description -- Yes
NYC Law Department Externship: Representing New York City Spring See description -- Yes
New York Civil Liberties Spring -- -- See description
PBSP Externship/Clinic: Litigation, Organizing and Systemic Change Spring -- -- Yes
Policing Project Externship
For application info, see Policing Project website
Fall, Spring      
Prosecution Externship - EDNY Fall, Spring See description -- --
Prosecution Externship - SDNY Fall, Spring See description -- --
Racial Equity Strategies Spring Yes -- --
Racial Justice Fall, Spring -- -- See description
Reproductive Justice Fall See description -- Yes
Advanced Reproductive Justice Spring Yes -- Yes
Technology Law and Policy Fall See description Additional questions on Forms page. --

Timeline for JD Application Process

Date Item
February 26, 2016 Clinic packet available.
March 4 Clinic Fair held at Furman Hall, 3-5 PM
March 21 - April 1 Clinic Application Period.
Application materials should be submitted online using CAMS.
All materials are due by 5 PM on April 1.
April 1- 21 Interviews conducted (for clinics that require them).
April 22 Preferences must be submitted on CAMS by 5 PM.
May 4 Students notified by e-mail whether or not they have been accepted into a clinic.
May 19 Confirmation of students' intent to register must be received by 5 PM.

The application period for LLMs will take place from May 20-June 3, 2016.  Please consult the Graduate Affairs Clinics web page for details. The complete list of clinics available to LLMs in the 2016-17 academic year will be provided there later in the spring.