Summer Jobs

Advice for First Year Students Seeking Summer Jobs

We encourage students interested in business law (whether transactional, litigation, or regulation) to use the summer after the first year to gain valuable experience that will help them later in practice. For some students, the best way to get experience will be in a law firm. Yet there are many other ways to get valuable experience. For example, students interested in doing transactional work can benefit from a summer internship in a corporation. Those interested in corporate litigation or mergers and acquisitions should consider pursuing an internship with a specialty court (such as the Delaware Chancery Court). Students interested in corporate crime, or securities fraud enforcement should consider internships with the Securities Exchange Commission, Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Offices, and the divisions of various State Attorney General and District Attorney’s offices that focus on fraud.

Private Sector Jobs

Career services has good information on law firm jobs. In addition to considering law firms, 1L students should consider spending a summer in the legal office or business (contracting) office of a firm. Many firms will hire law students as summer interns. We encourage you to apply not only to the legal departments but also to departments in charge of transactions (such as contracts). Experience within a firm can be very valuable in later practice.


Students interested in business law also should consider clerking both during the 1L summer and after graduation for one of the state courts that specializes in business law.

The primary specialty courts for students interested in transactional work are the Delaware Court of Chancery, the Delaware Supreme Court, and bankruptcy courts. In addition, the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court of New York handles complicated commercial cases in New York. Students also may be interested in clerking in that state, which is developing corporate law designed to attract corporations.

The American Bar Association has a program fellowship for select 1L and 2L students that is aimed at helping students get clerkships who fit particular diversity criteria (including economic diversity). Click here for information about this program. Future corporate attorneys also may be interested in tax courts or the US Court of International Trade which deals with civil actions arising out of US customs and international trade laws.

Students, including those pursuing a transactional career, also benefit from traditional federal court clerkships. Many district court judges hire summer interns.

Firm-Relevant Government Opportunities

There are many opportunities in government available to students interested in business law. It is a good idea to pursue an opportunity that is in or related to an area of practice that you might be interested in.


  • Honors Programs Opportunities




Finance & Commercial:


  • Attorneys General (All, but particularly those that have Honors Programs)

Federal Agencies with Local Offices

New York (County and City)