Each semester, PILF grantees work at a variety of public interest organizations around New York City. 

Here is where last semester's grantees interned:

Rachel Levenson: The Door's Legal Services Center

Kevin O'Sullivan: The Door's Legal Services Center

Samantha Wynne: Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights

Young Sik Yoon: Acumen

Internships are invaluable.

In addition to learning about and practicing in new areas of law, PILF grantees have the opportunity to work with diverse client populations or on cutting-edge policy matters.  From opening doors to new careers and even providing writing samples for job applications, PILF grantees come away from their term-time internships with substantive experience and a passion for legal justice.

“Working at The Door’s Legal Services Center provided me with a valuable opportunity to get exposure to immigration law, along with allowing me the opportunity to play a direct role in helping to positively impact the life of non-citizen youth. I couldn’t imagine getting a better experience my first semester of law school than what I received at The Door this fall, and I am sure I will apply many of the lessons I learned at The Door throughout my legal career.     
   - Kevin O'Sullivan, 2015 Grantee, The Doors Legal Services Center

“I greatly enjoyed my internship at JBI, where I had the opportunity to attend United Nations sessions and analyze legal and policy issues under consideration by the UN and its treaty-monitoring bodies. I am confident that this first-hand  insight into the relationship between international human rights law and politics will prove useful as I embark on my human rights career.”
   - Samantha Wynne, 2015 Grantee, Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights

"Working with Acumen allowed me to experience a bold new way of tackling poverty around the world. By closely studying Acumen's investments that achieve the triple bottom line (profit, social impact and environmental consciousness) that contribute to the host country's sustainable development, I witnessed how an innovative market-driven solution implemented by Acumen has filled the gap where traditional philanthropy has failed. My experience at Acumen has deepened my resolve and hope for achieving sustainable development."   

- Young Sik Yoon, 2015 Grantee, Acumen

"My time at The Door’s Legal Services Center was a breath of fresh air during a challenging first semester of law school.  I loved working with clients and also seeing the real world applications of the legal principles I was learning in class. I am already looking forward to returning to The Door in the spring semester to continue my internship."

- Rachel Levenson, 2015 Grantee, The Doors Legal Services Center