Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF)

Where We Work

Each semester, PILF grantees work at a variety of public interest organizations around New York City. 

Here is where last semester's grantees interned:

Rachel Levenson: The Door's Legal Services Center

Kevin O'Sullivan: The Door's Legal Services Center

Samantha Wynne: Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights

Young Sik Yoon: Acumen

Internships are invaluable.

In addition to learning about and practicing in new areas of law, PILF grantees have the opportunity to work with diverse client populations or on cutting-edge policy matters.  From opening doors to new careers and even providing writing samples for job applications, PILF grantees come away from their term-time internships with substantive experience and a passion for legal justice.

"For Deaf individuals, barriers to communication complicate even the most routine interaction in daily life.  For the poorest, the problem is even more acute, as a lack of appropriate educational opportunities leaves many without linguistic fluency of any kind.  Helping these individuals navigate the minefield of the legal system deepened my appreciation of the importance of meaningful access to justice and renewed my dedication to working toward that goal."
     - Genna Teitelbaum, 2011 Grantee, New York Center for Law and Justice.
"At the Center for Constitutional Rights, in their International Human Rights docket, I worked closely with attorneys on several cutting-edge international human rights issues.  I learned a great deal about just how much background research and preparation goes into developing such cases, and the experience further strengthened my resolve to do this kind of important, boundary-pushing work in the future."
     - Sascha Bollag, 2010 Grantee, Center for Constitutional Rights.
"Working at Opportunity Agenda was a valuable experience for several reasons.  Not only was it an excuse to do in-depth research on progressive policy matters, I learned about statutory interpretation methods that tied in to my Administrative Law class and gave me a new perspective on the curriculum.  In addition, I used the brief I prepared during my internship as a writing sample for job interviews my 2L year.  An unexpected benefit was learning about nonprofit management through my participation in staff meetings and attendance at Opportunity Agenda's anniversary fundraiser."
     - Leah Trzcinski, 2011 Grantee, Opportunity Agenda.