Latino Law Students Association


LaLSA supports Latino/a students and provides opportunities for NYU School of Law students to be a part of and serve the wider Latino community. We help students adjust to the demands of law school by offering programs that focus on professional and academic development, and providing a network of friends and alumni. At the same time, LaLSA is a source of dedicated Latino students who provide public service to the large and diverse Latino community, from mentoring Latino children in lower income neighborhoods to providing bilingual assistance to adults. We are also active in national law student groups that provide mentoring for prospective Latino law students nationwide. LaLSA social events are an integral part of how we work and create our community. Potluck dinners, salsa dancing in the city, parties, visits to museums, all provide time to socialize with fellow students and enjoy the many wonders of New York City.

2015-2016 LaLSA Board


Executive Co-Chairs:

Kenneth Carbajal & Elisa Cariño


Genna Leigh Sinel

Social Chair

Tatiana Mejia Uribe

Academic Chair

Mark Sanchez

Community Outreach

Gabriella Fortun

Political Action Chair

Oscar Londoño Jr.

Alumni Chair

Kristen Nicol

Admissions Chairs

Maybelline Mena-Hadyka & Paul-Gabriel Morales

Professional Development Chairs

Jennifer De Jesus & Danielle Vildostegui

For more information about LaLSA, please contact or visit our Facebook group. Incoming and prospective students are encouraged to reach out!