Student Affairs

Prominence Fund

The Office of Student Affairs has created the Prominence Fund to help supplement the expenses of SBA-recognized student groups and individual students in connection with certain important activities. The creation of this Fund stems from the recognition that the efforts of our students have a great impact on the perception, by the outside community, of the Law School.

The Prominence Fund aids student groups in two ways. First, it supplements expenses connected with sending representatives to conferences. Second, it supplements expenses connected with participation in moot court-type competitions. Prominence Fund monies will only be available to students who are presenting papers, participating in a panel, workshop or playing a substancial role at a conference*.

The fund will cover a percentage of the cost of travel, lodging and registration. Food costs will not be covered. Once funding is approved, students are expected to make the initial outlay of money for the activity and then submit receipts and proof of travel for reimbursement.**.

Students who accept funding must agree to make a full report to their group/organization upon their return and must submit a written report on the Conference/Competition to the Office of Student Affairs at the time that receipts are submitted.

How To Apply For Prominence Funding:

Submit the following information to the Office of Student Affairs in Furman Hall, Suite 474 or in a MS Word attachment to

  1. Name of group or individual(s) requesting funding
  2. NYUHome Account of student contact
  3. Title, date(s), location of event
  4. Full description of event
  5. Names and NYUHome Accounts of students requesting funding
  6. Proposed ways that information gathered at Conference/Competition will be reported to NYU School of Law Community
  7. Proposed budget including itemized expenses for travel, hotel, and registration, and a total budget request (food costs will not be reimbursed)
  8. List other sources and amounts of funding

Please make all requests for funding at least 4-6 weeks before the date of the activity for which funding is sought, but no later than November 16th for the Fall semester and March 15th for the Spring semester.

For Reimbursement:

  • Please submit original receipts only and proof of travel (boarding pass, ticket stub etc.) with your request. Internet itineraries will not be accepted.
  • Also, please include the social security number of the person(s) who are to receive the reimbursement.
  • Remember to submit your written report when submitting original receipts and proof of travel.

*If you are requesting funding for a competition you must verify with the Director of Student Affairs to make sure the Law School’s Moot Court Board is not already participating.

**Reimbursements are subject to federal income tax withholding.

If you have any questions before making your reimbursement request, please send your inquiries to