Clinics require permission to register, usually obtained after filing an application. Once you have obtained permission, you can add the clinic during the add/drop period. You do not need to select it during the bidding cycle, but do not request other courses in the bidding cycle that conflict in time.

For a year-long clinic, once you have added the course in the fall add/drop period, you do not have to add that clinic again for spring. You will be registered automatically for the second semester.

A guide to clinical offerings is available from the Clinics Office.

To apply for all clinics, you must use the new Clinic Application and Matching System (CAMS). IIn addition to submitting your application materials via CAMS, please send an email to each clinic's contact person to confirm your intent to apply for that clinic. You must do both in order to finalize your application.

LLM students are encouraged to apply for the following clinics: Comparative Criminal Justice Clinic: International Human Rights Clinic, and the International Environmental Law Clinic. Please note that not all clinics are offered every semester.