Professor Jennifer Arlen '86

The Law & Economics Workshop is designed for NYU faculty to present papers to an audience strongly interested in law and economics. It is a particularly useful place to present papers that are at a relatively early stage, have a model, are empirical, or would benefit from the format of this workshop.

Spring 2018 Schedule of Presenters

Wednesday, february 21, 2018

Patrick Corrigan
Title: The Seller’s Curse: The Learning Puzzle and a Naïve Issuer Theory of IPO Underpricing
Location: Vanderbilt Hall 208

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Scott Hemphill
Title: The Strategies and Frequency of Anticompetitive Common Ownership (with Marcel Kahan)
Location: Vanderbilt Hall 208

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

David Kamin
Title: The Effects of Capital Gains Rate Uncertainty on Realization (with Jason S. Oh)
Location: Vanderbilt Hall 208