How should multinationals be taxed? Are they being taxed enough?

At the 19th Annual David R. Tillinghast Lecture on International Taxation, Manal Corwin—the national leader for international tax and principal-in-charge of international tax policy at KPMG—explored the debate over the taxation of multinational corporations.

Her aptly titled lecture, “Sense and Sensibility—BEPS Policy and Politics: Will Global Tax Policy Consensus Translate into Coordinated Implementation?” illuminated the two facets of the argument.

One is the measured and long-standing policy debate about the adequacy of current international tax rules and standards to protect the tax base of taxing jurisdictions, she said. The second is a highly politicized mainstream public debate of more recent vintage focused on tax morality and whether multinationals are paying their fair share of taxes.

Watch Corwin’s talk below (1 hr):

Posted October 8, 2014