Brennan Center event brings author Tim Weiner to discuss his new book, Enemies: A History of the FBI

Tim WeinerOn June 12, NYU Law's Brennan Center for Justice hosted a book discussion and signing with award-winning author and journalist Tim Weiner. At the event, which was entitled "The FBI: Secret Intelligence in an Open Democracy," Weiner gave a brief overview of his latest work, Enemies: A History of the FBI, which traces the FBI from its founding in 1908 through the present day.

Stressing issues such as the conflict between the ideals of liberty and the priorities of national security, Weiner discussed the evolution of the FBI into the entity that it is today. “Remember that the FBI, from its inception, throughout its history, and first and foremost today, is an intelligence service,” Weiner said. “It is not a law enforcement service. Anybody can investigate a bank robbery or a stolen car—The FBI exists as an instrument of presidential power and a secret intelligence organization doing espionage and counterespionage in the name of national security.”

Weiner was previously the recipient of a National Book Award for his history of the CIA, Legacy of Ashes, as well as a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting at the Philadelphia Inquirer. He has also served as a reporter with the New York Times.

Watch Video from the Event:

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Posted July 9, 2012