On April 1, the U.S.-Asia Law Institute hosted faculty and students from the National Taiwan University for a two-day conference entitled, “Criminal Justice and Constitutional Court in Taiwan: Comparative Perspectives.” The two-day event was moderated by co-directors of the institute, Professor Jerome Cohen and Wilf Family Professor of Property Law Frank Upham.

There were three panels: Governmental Privilege and Criminal Trial: Experience and Practice from Taiwan; Research on the role of the Council of Grand Justices: A case study of the Abolition of the Act for Eliminating Liumang (hooligans) in Taiwan; and Critical Reflections on Taiwan Constitutional Court’s Three Interpretations of Sexual Regulations. Participants from NYU Law included Professor Stephen Schulhofer, Professor Jerome Skolnick, the co-director of the Center for Research in Crime and Justice, Alexandra Heckscher '11, Norman Ho '12, and Yu-Jie Chen (LL.M. '08).

"The visit by the Taiwanese delegation will enhance mutual understanding of legal developments between Taiwan and the U.S. and also provide useful comparative material for the study of China," said Cohen.

 Watch the video of Friday's panel (1 hr, 54 min):