Dean Richard Revesz has become one of 40 new public members of the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS). Created in 1968, ACUS is an independent federal agency, charged with developing recommendations to improve the fairness and effectiveness of various administrative functions, such as rulemaking, adjudication, licensing, and investigations. Congress suspended funding for ACUS for 14 years in 1995, but restored it in 2009, and President Obama re-established the agency earlier this year. By statute, its members are a mixture of federal government officials and members of the public. Revesz, who is also the Lawrence King Professor of Law, is a leading scholar in the field of environmental and regulatory law and policy.

“These forty distinguished citizens, who together have hundreds of years of high-level experience in the government and private enterprise, have agreed to contribute their expertise and energies toward this project in collaborative governance,” said Paul Verkuil (LL.M. '69, J.S.D. '72), chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States, in a press release announcing the public members of ACUS. “In a world where the news cycle runs at 100 mph and bloggers, pundits, and politicians shout past each other, we are creating a forum where a politically balanced group of experts from the public and private sectors will team up to make government work better for everyone.”

Posted October 5, 2010