On April 15, the Institute for International Law and Justice’s Program in the History and Theory of International Law celebrated Oxford University Press’s publication of The Philosophy of International Law, a collection edited by Samantha Besson and John Tasioulas. The book discusses moral and political values guiding the assessment and development of international law and institutions.

The Philosophy of International Law includes contributions by Robert Howse, Lloyd C. Nelson Professor of International Law; Benedict Kingsbury, Murry and Ida Becker Professor of Law and director of IILJ; Liam Murphy, Herbert Peterfreund Professor of Law and Philosophy; Benjamin Straumann, Alberico Gentili Fellow; and Jeremy Waldron, University Professor.

Kingsbury and Straumann co-wrote “State of Nature versus Commercial Sociability as the Basis of International Law: Reflections on the Roman Foundations and Current Interpretations of the International Political and Legal Thought of Grotius, Hobbes, and Pufendorf.” Howse and Professor Ruti Tietel of New York Law School co-authored “Global Justice, Poverty, and the International Economic Order.” Murphy wrote “International Responsibility,” while Waldron contributed “Two Conceptions of Self-Determination.” “Humanitarian Intervention,” an article by the late Thomas M. Franck, Murry and Ida Becker Professor of Law Emeritus, was also included.

Posted on April 21, 2010