On April 2, 2010, Professor Smita Narula presented at two conferences on the human rights and environmental implications of foreign land investments in the biofuel and agricultural sectors.

At "Food, Medicine, Rights: How We Identify, Measure, and Act on the Social Determinants of Health," Narula presented her current research on the need for a rights-based response to the global land grab. The conference was organized by Princeton University’s Department of Anthropology and Woodrow Wilson School.

Later that day, Narula presented at a Yale Law School conference entitled "New Directions in Environmental Law: A Climate of Possibility." Narula presented the key findings of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice report Foreign Land Deals and Human Rights: Case Studies on Agricultural and Biofuel Investment, highlighting the rights-based and environmental consequences of these investments. The panel was co-organized and co-moderated by NYU Law International Human Rights Clinic student Geoffrey Johnson '11, who helped lead a discussion identifying critical tensions within environmentalism’s push for alternative fuels, and offered legal and policy tools to build alternative investment pathways.

 Posted April 25, 2011