Judge Jonathan Lippman '68On January 26, the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NYSACDL) honored Jonathan Lippman ’68, chief judge of the State of New York, with the Hon. William Brennan Award for Outstanding Jurist. The award was presented by Judge Barry Kamins, administrative judge of the Criminal Court of the City of New York, at the NYSACDL’s Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony, which was held at the Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan.

Lippman was appointed as chief judge of the State of New York in 2009. He has also previously served as the presiding justice of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, First Department, as the chief administrative judge of all New York State Courts, and as a justice of the Supreme Court for the Ninth Judicial District. As an alum, Lippman has remained active in the NYU Law community. Most recently, he delivered a lecture on “Confronting the Crisis in the Civil Legal Services,” which was sponsored by the New York University Journal of Legislation and Public Policy and the Arthur Garfield Hays Civil Liberties Program.

Posted February 2, 2012