Photo of Oscar ChaseOn December 13-14, the Dwight D. Opperman Institute of Judicial Administration (IJA) co-sponsored the International Conference on Judicial Cooperation Among Courts in Europe and the U.S.: A Comparative Approach. Convened in Fiesole, Italy, the transatlantic conference was organized by Russell D. Niles Professor of Law Oscar Chase and Global Law Professor Fabrizio Cafaggi of the European University Institute (EUI) to facilitate an exchange of views on the issue of judicial harmonization among states that are members of a larger federal governing body. The conference was co-sponsored by the EUI and the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union

The two-day conference featured several NYU Law Faculty. On the first day, Chase moderated a panel called “Constitutional and Other Impediments to Judicial Cooperation,” which featured Stuyvesant P. Comfort Professor of Law Geoffrey Miller. On day two, Assistant Professor of Law Troy McKenzie moderated the panel “Cooperation/Harmonization Imposed by Higher Authority.” Presenters included Inez Milholland Professor of Civil Liberties Burt Neuborne and Professor Catherine Sharkey.

Following the panels, concluding remarks were delivered by Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals Jonathan Lippman '68 and President András Baka of the Hungarian Supreme Court Hungary.

The conference’s presentations will be edited by Cafaggi and Chase for an upcoming book.

Posted February 4, 2011