The NYU School of Law Graduate Tax Program has announced that it has eliminated the two-credit residency requirement for the Executive LL.M. in Taxation, meaning that the degree can now be completed entirely online.

During the past year, the Executive LL.M. in Taxation program has expanded globally; in order to make the program more flexible and available to more students, NYU Law petitioned the New York State Department of Education to eliminate a two-credit residency requirement, which has been part of the program since its inception in 2008. That had meant that students had to physically appear on campus and take two credits of class. But the Department of Education has now granted NYU Law's request, and the requirement has been completely eliminated, effective immediately and retroactively.

“Many of our students are experienced attorneys with busy practices throughout the U.S. and in Europe and Asia.  Elimination of the two-credit residency requirement will only enhance the flexibility that our online program already offers,” said Associate Professor of the Practice of Tax Law Joshua Blank, who is also faculty director of the Graduate Tax Program. Students in the Executive LL.M. in Taxation program can now complete the entire 24 credits toward the degree by taking online courses; if they are in New York during the summer or academic year, they may still enroll in on-campus tax courses.

Posted February 22, 2011