Ronald Dworkin publishes his latest book, Justice for Hedgehogs (VIDEO)

Justice for Hedgehogs, the latest book by Frank Henry Sommer Professor of Law Ronald Dworkin, is his most comprehensive, a synthesis of his thinking as it has developed over more than 50 years as a legal philosopher. In the book—his tenth—he argues that what truth is, what life means, what morality requires, and what justice demands are different aspects of the same large question. “At a time when value pluralism and even value polarization seem to be undeniable facts of contemporary life, Ronald Dworkin unrepentantly defends the unity of value,” one reviewer notes.

Six years ago, as he began work on the book, Dworkin told the Law School magazine that he was trying to “bring together my work in law and my work in political philosophy and moral philosophy and the theory of interpretation and the kitchen sink and to get everything into a...general network of ideas so that each part is drawn from and reinforces the other.” Although the official publication date of Justice for Hedgehogs is January 2011, it has been widely anticipated. In September, Boston University Law School held a two-day conference in September devoted to it.

Dworkin has also launched a blog for further discussion of Justice for Hedgehogs.

As for the book’s intriguing title, Dworkin himself explains that in the video available below.

Ronald Dworkin on Justice for Hedgehogs:

Posted January 11, 2011