Brennan Center for Justice examines accountability after Citizens United

On April 29, the Brennan Center of Justice held a day-long symposium at WNYC’s Green Space entitled, “Accountability After Citizens United.” Michael Waldman, the center's executive director, gave opening remarks and the Honorable Cynthia L. Bauerly, vice chair of the Federal Election Commission, was the keynote speaker. Charles Kolb, president of the Committee on Economic Development, was the luncheon speaker, and Sanford Lewis of the Strategic Counsel on Corporate Accountability gave the closing remarks.

The symposium consisted of three panels. The first asked "Can Shareholders Save Democracy?" Nusbaum Professor of Law and Business, William Allen, the director of the Pollack Center for Law and Business, was among the panelists. The second panel looked at "Regulatory Pressure Points: New Strategies for Accountability,” and the final one examined “The First Amendment Rights of Associations and Individuals.”

Election issues were also the focus of the center's April 28 debate between Sudler Family Professor of Constitutional Law Richard Pildes and Professor Geoffrey Stone of the University of Chicago, who regularly visits NYU Law. Pildes and Stone discussed whether elections were special under the First Amendment. The event coincided with the publication of the center's new book, Money, Politics and the Constitution: Beyond Citizens United.

Watch the opening remarks and keynote (57 min.):

Click here to watch Panel 1 (1 hr., 32 min.)

Click here to watch luncheon remarks (43 min.)

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Click here to watch closing remarks (16 min.)

Posted May 6, 2011