Micah Berul ‘00 was lead attorney for the National Labor Relations Board in an important labor law ruling. On August 20, a federal district court judge in Sacramento granted the NLRB’s request for what is known as a 10(j) injunction in Garcia v. Sacramento Coca Cola Bottling Co. The ruling requires the bottler to recognize and bargain with an International Brotherhood of Teamsters local that had merged with an independent “in-house” union. The judge rejected the employer's objections that the merger was arranged improperly without advance notice or a vote by the employees. "It is extremely difficult for the Board to get a 10(j) injunction imposing a bargaining order on the employer,” says Samuel Estreicher, Dwight D. Opperman Professor of Law. “Micah and his team deserve kudos." Estreicher is the director of the Law School’s Center for Labor and Employment Law.

Published August 27, 2010