Executive LLM in Tax

Taking Final Exams

Students in online courses are required (when a take-home or a paper is not assigned) to take the same final exam as students in a corresponding traditional course, and they will be graded along the same grading curve as all other students in the course (including, where applicable, JD, full-, and part-time Graduate Tax students, and students in other LLM specialties). When an online course is administered independently of a traditional course, the Professor will make the determination about the content of the final exam, but all students are treated equally and grading is performed by the Professor without knowledge of the identity of any student.

Final exams are scheduled and administered by the Office of Academic Services, and students may be required by that office to use some form of "locking" software for in-class exams which prevents access to outside documents or webpages. Students will be required to use the THES software for take-home exams. Students in the Executive LLM program who are located too far from the Greenwich Village campus of NYU to take the exam in the assigned room(s) may be able to take the exam using a remote proctor device and software, though some restrictions do apply, such as the restriction on "dual-boot" computers. Alternatively, students can work with the Office of Academic Services to locate an appropriate site in which to take their final exam. Students examining in absentia arrange to take their proctored exam at a local ABA-accredited law school.

Students not enrolled in the Executive LLM Program taking online courses must take their exams in-class, in-person, as they would with non-online courses.

Where an examination in absentia is necessary, the student will be responsible for his or her share of the associated expenses such as the hourly wages of the proctor, the additional cost of printing an exam on security paper, and mailing the exam to and from the exam site. These costs should be relatively modest, less than $50 per exam.

For additional exam information and scheduling details, particularly regarding the remote proctor devices, please review this PDF document.