Environmental and Energy Law Requirements 2015-16

Credit Requirement

The program will require students to take Environmental Law (four credits), and Selected Topics in Environmental and Energy Law Seminar (two credits) in which they will write a thesis for an additional writing credit. In addition, students will be required to take either International Environmental Law (two credits) or Energy Law Regulation and Policy (two credits). The Selected Topics in Environmental and Energy Law seminar and written work requirement will enable students to synthesize their studies and benefit from close interaction with faculty and other students concentrating in the field.

Students will also be required to choose an additional seven credit hours from courses listed below under the heading Subject Area Core courses. Additional electives (eight credits) make this a 24-credit program.

Required Courses (9 credits)

  • Environmental Law (LW.11149 - 4 credits)
  • Selected Topics in Environmental and Energy Law (LW.10086 - 2 credits)
  • Selected Topics in Environmental and Energy Law Writing Credit (LW.10373 - 1 credit)
  • International Environmental Law Seminar (LW.10065 - 2 credits) OR Energy Law Regulation and Policy (LW.12339 - 2 credits)

Subject Area Core Courses

Students must choose an additional 7 credits of classes included in the list below:

  • Animal Law Seminar (LW.11551 - 2 credits)
  • Climate Change Policy Seminar (LW.10006 - 2 credits)
  • Compliance and Risk Management for Attorneys (LW.12272 – 3 credits)
  • Economic Analysis of Law (LW.10853 - 4 credits)
  • Energy Law Regulation and Policy (LW.12239 - 2 credits)
  • Environmental Law Clinic (LW.11120)(application required)
  • Environmental Values, Policy and the Law Seminar (LW.10890 - 2 credits)
  • Financing Development Seminar (LW.11806 - 2 credits)
  • Food & Drug Law (LW.11567 – 3 credits)
  • Global Environmental Law, Science and Governance Seminar (LW.11614 - 2 credits)
  • International Environmental Law Clinic (LW.10289) (application required)
  • International Environmental Law Seminar (LW.10065 - 2 credits)
  • International Law (LW.11218 - 3 credits)
  • International Trade Law (LW.11426 - 3 credits)
  • Land Use Regulation (LW.10579 - 4 credits)
  • Law and Development Colloquium (LW.10295 - 3 credits)
  • Legislation and the Regulatory State for Transfer Students and LLM’s (LW.11633 - 4 credits)
  • Oil and Gas Law and Governance Seminar (LW.12457 - 2 credits)
  • Oil and Gas Tax (LW.12332 - 2 credits)
  • Project Finance (LW.12062 - 2 credits)
  • Regulatory Policy Clinic (LW.11029)(application required)
  • Toxic Harms Seminar (LW.11221 - 2 credits)
  • US Energy Deals (LW.12326 - 2 credits)

Suggested Courses

Additional courses related to environmental law that you may want to consider include:

  • Administrative Process Seminar (LW.10470 - 2 credits)
  • American Indian Law (LW.12367 - 3 credits)
  • Community Development Law Seminar (LW.10732 - 2 Credits)
  • Corporate Finance (LW.11461 - 3credits)
  • Graduate Lawyering I (LW.12373 or LW.12374 or LW.12375) (1 or 2 credits)
  • Indigenous Peoples in International Law (LW.10902 - 2 credits)
  • Innovation Policy Colloquium (LW.10930 - 3 credits)
  • International Arbitration (LW.11128 - 2 credits)
  • International Business Transactions (LW.12350 - 2 credits)
  • International Investment Law and Arbitration (LW.12182 - 4 credits)
  • International Human Rights Law (LW.11329 - 4 credits)
  • International Organizations (LW.10256 - 3 credits)
  • Land Use, Housing and Community Development in New York City (LW.10651 - 3 credits)
  • Law and Business of Social Enterprise (LW.12418 - 1.5 credits)
  • Law and Global Governance Seminar (LW.10151 - 2 credits)
  • Law of Nonprofit Organizations (LW.11276 - 3 credits)
  • Property (for 2Ls)(LW.11783 - 4 credits)
  • Property Rights in Development Seminar (LW.11767 - 2 credits)
  • Real Estate Transactions (LW.11279 - 3 credits)
  • What Influences Regulation and Regulators Seminar? (LW.11163 - 2 credits)

Wagner Courses

With permission from the program director and Vice Dean, master’s students may take up to 6 credits of courses directly related to the study of law at one of NYU’s other schools in completion of LLM requirements. Courses offered by Wagner related to environmental law may be of particular interest to students in this program. You may review course offerings at Wagner at wagner.nyu.edu/courses.

Contact Information

Prospective students should direct their inquiries to the Office of Graduate Admissions and admitted and current students to the Office of Graduate Affairs.

Faculty advisement can be arranged by contacting Professor Wyman:
Telephone: (212) 998-6033