Photocopying and Scanning

Public Photocopiers/Scanners

Main Reading Room, Copy Room 108G
Main Reading Room, Reserve Area
Bound Periodicals
B2 South

Copying/10¢ ; Scanning/free

NYU One Card Reader
Public  photocopier/scanners are equipped with the NYU One Card Reader, which accepts an NYU ID card.  NYU ID cards must have "value" or cash added to them in order to make copies.  There is no charge for scanning. When making copies, it is not possible to see the amount of credit you have left on your card - the remaining balance flashes when you remove the card from the card reader.  Basic operating instructions are posted next to each photocopier/scanner.

Visitors and guests may buy a blank Law Library Copy Card at the Circulation Desk for $5.00/card, then must add additional value to the card.

Value Transfer Station
Value may be added to cards at the Law Library’s dedicated Value Transfer Station (VTS), located in Copy Room 108G.  The VTS accepts $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, or $20.00 bills and provides receipts for purchases.   You may also make a deposit to your card by calling (212) 443-CARD (2273) and using  Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.   Please add only as much value to your card as you need.  The VTS machine will not give change.  The Law Library cannot provide refunds for unused copying credit.

Value placed on your NYU ID Card can be used in Bobst Library photocopiers, as well as at numerous dining locations around campus.

Reporting Problems
For problems related to the VTS machine, please notify the Circulation desk as soon as possible, and ask for the NYU Card Services Malfunction Report form.  Problems concerning the paper supply and operation of the photocopiers should also be reported to the Circulation desk.

Journal Student Photocopiers

Bound Periodicals
B2 South

These two photocopiers require an access code, which may be obtained from the journal offices.



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