Annual Survey of American Law

2006 - 2007 Board of Editors


Editor in Chief

Eric J. Feder

Managing Editors

Susanna R. Greenberg
Alexander N. Macleod


Development Editors

Patricia Halling
M. Reece Hunt

Executive Article Editors

Richard M. Cowell
Kevin C. Cunningham
Corey M. Goodman
Emily D. Greet
Elizabeth Y. Madjlessi
Alexandra A. Magness
Ofer Reger

Note Editors

Catherine M. Bradley
Alexander G.P. Goldenberg

Symposium Editor

Bradley M. Bakker

Article Editors

Vanessa V. Bossard
Catherine M. Choi
Seth Endo
Ryan C. Eney
Jared M. Gerber
Scott A. Killian

Andrew A. Lopez
Mark A. Loudon-Brown
Michael G. McFarland
Cristine Maisano
Stephen T. Milligan

Colin P. Parent
Brian E. Schartz
BriAnne A. Shaw
Julia A. Stahl
Vincent E. Taurassi
Joshua M. Troy

Staff Editors

Alycia M. Appicello
Morgan L. Bottner
Shinah Chang
Joseph S. Cone
John Michael Connolly
Garrett J. Coyle
Anthony C. DeCinque
Carl D. Duffield
David B. Edwards
Justin Erlich
Avram D. Frey
Benjamin D. Geffen
Nora Go
Aaron Golden
David S. Greenberg
Karin A. Hessler
Alice M. Ho
Brian D. Johnston
Ramya Kasthuri
Jessica S. Kim
Zachary A. Kolkin
Jeremy R. Lacks
Alan D. Lawn
Yvonne L. Lee
Sensen Lin
Louis A. Lipner
Lisabeth C. Meletta
Aaron J. Meyers
Dalit F. Paradis
Michael R. Petrocelli
Stephanie C. Reger
Arthur M. Roberts

Kimberly P. Roller
Jason A. Roth
Jonathan L. Sagot
Lara M. Samet
Jason B. Sherry
Daniel Sirkin
Matthew L. Squires
Jonathan Stern
Adam B. Taubman
Edward Tsai
Joseph A. Vuckovich
David S. Wakukawa
Daniela Weber
William H. Weir
Pauline Yedreyeski
Rachel S. Zeehandelaar


Faculty Advisor

Mark Geistfeld

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