Please review the materials on our Web site and read the information below prior to submitting the application.

Prior to proceeding, please note the following:

  • All applicants must have a valid NYU ID Number and a NYUHome Account. 
  • Applications must be entered/submitted by the individual applying for accommodations with the Summer Living in New York program. 
  • Applicants for summer residence do not need to be enrolled as NYU students. 
  • All applications will require a $1,000 initial deposit at the time of application. 
  • Housing Assignments are made based on the date the application is received and length of stay requested. Submitting an application does not guarantee placement. 
  • All applicants must agree to the conditions of the 2018 Summer Living in New York License Agreement.

Step 1:  Submit a NYUHome Account/NYU ID Number Request Form

All applicants who do not have a NYUHome Account/NYU ID Number must submit an online NYUHome Account/NYU ID Request Form in order to submit a Summer Living in New York application.  Please complete the NYUHome Account/NYU ID Number Request Form (link below) to create a new NYU Account or retrieve an existing NYU Account. 

Submit your NYUHome Account/NYU ID Number Request Form Here


  • Applicants who have submitted a NYUHome Account Request Form for the NYU Summer Housing Program may use their confirmed NYU ID number to submit the NYU Law Summer Living in New York application. 
  • While you may have a NYU ID Number, you do not necessarily have an active NYUHome Account.  Take a moment to confirm your NYU ID Number and whether or not you have a NYUHome Account by submittng the NYUHome Account/NYU ID Number Request Form.  All applicants must have access to NYUHome.
  • Thinking you can make up a NYU ID Number and submit the 2018 Summer Living in New York Application?  Think again.  Applications submitted with invalid NYU ID Numbers will be deleted.
  • Registrations take approximately two to three business days to process.  Submitting more than one request will result in a delay in processing the registration.

Step 2:  Submit the Application

Please read the instructions below prior to submitting the application.  The link to the application is located at the end of these instructions.

NYU/University ID Number

Applicants must indicate their University ID Number (i.e. NXXXXXXXX) when submitting the application.  Applications submitted using invalid NYU ID Numbers will not be processed.

Permanent Address

This will be used as the primary address to which all correspondence will be sent. Assignment information will be sent via email and U.S. mail.  The applicants email address is required.

Current Address

College or other temporary address. This information should only be completed if this is where you want to have your confirmation sent. Please indicate the last date that information can be sent to you at this address in the Valid Until section. 

Emergency Contact

This information will be used in the case of an emergency.  Applicants also have the option of registering confidential contact information for an individual to be contacted in the event the resident is determined to be missing. 

Age Requirements

Accommodations are available for single adults or couples, age 18 or over.

Single or Family/Couple

We are pleased to be able to accommodate requests from families, including those with children under the age of 18. Please indicate if you are applying for single or family/couple housing. If you are applying for family housing, please indicate the name of accompanying adult and name(s) and age(s) of children, if applicable.

Summer Employer or Affiliation

Please indicate your summer employer or NYC affiliation.

Apartmentmate Preference

Specific apartmentmates may be requested but cannot be guaranteed. Each applicant must both submit an application, indicate the requested apartmentmates name and NYU ID Number, and apply for comparable lengths of stay.

Weeks of Stay

You must indicate both a start date and an end date. The start date must be on a Sunday and end date must be on a Saturday.

Total Weeks Requested

The total number of weeks requested beginning with the requested start date and ending with the requested end date. Reservations are made by calendar, week, Saturday to Sunday, and the total weeks requested must correspond with the requested start date and end date. 

Short Term:  4-6 Weeks                                        
Long Term:  7-10 Weeks

Please see the corresponding short term and long term rates.

Week 1:  Sunday, May 27 - Saturday, June 2
Week 2:  Sunday, June 3 - Saturday, June 9
Week 3:  Sunday, June 10 - Saturday, June 16
Week 4:  Sunday, June 17 - Saturday, June 23
Week 5:  Sunday, June 24 - Saturday, June 30
Week 6:  Sunday, July 1 - Saturday, July 7
Week 7:  Sunday, July 8 - Saturday, July 14
Week 8:  Sunday, July 15 - Saturday, July 21
Week 9:  Sunday, July 22 - Saturday, July 28  
Week 10:  Sunday, July 29 - Saturday, August 4                     

The minimum length of stay is 4 weeks.

All Requests to Change Dates of Stay must be submitted in writing to the Office of Residential Life, 240 Mercer Street, by the individual applicant. Upon receipt of your request a $25 nonrefundable processing fee will automatically posted to your NYU Bursar account .

Apartment Preference

List in order of preference all choices of building, apartment type, and occupancy which you will accept. We have only a limited number of studio and one-bedroom apartments. Preferences will be considered based on availability. It is to your advantage to apply as soon as possible. If your preferences are not available, and you do not indicate that you will accept an alternate assignment, you will be placed on the waitlist.

Review the rates and apartment options prior to submitting the application.

Lifestyle Accommodations

Please note information that may be helpful in assigning you an apartment and apartmentmate(s). This information will be considered and accommodated if an appropriate match is available. The Office of Residential Life is unable to accept requests based upon race, religious creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or marital or parental status.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, New York University will provide reasonable accommodations for a student eligible to reside in School of Law housing who has a qualifying physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities and has a record of such an impairment or is regarded as having such impairment.  In order to be considered for a special housing accommodation you must complete the Special Housing Accommodation Request Form provided at the Moses Center and return it to the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities, 719 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10003, ATTN: Special Housing Accommodations. You can also call 212-998-4980(/voice/TTY).  Information provided to the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities is kept confidential and only will be shared within the University as is necessary to evaluate the request.

Summer Living in New York 2018 License Agreement

All applicants must agree to comply with the license agreement.

Room Assignments

Priority in the assignment process is given to those who meet all 3 criteria’s below:

a) you apply before the February 15 priority deadline
b) are applying for a shared space only
c) have selected “Yes” to an alternate assignment

Individuals applying for studio occupancy units will be assigned by the completed date of their application.

Applications for family units, due to the fact that the demand for these types of accommodations exceed the supply, will be assigned by the completed date of the application.


All applications require a $1,000 initial deposit ($1000).  Applicants must submit the initial deposit online via Electronic Check once the application has been submitted. Note: NYU does not accept credit cards.

Deposit by Electronic Check

Only checking accounts with U.S. financial institutions may be used when making payments.  Paying with an electronic check will initiate a transfer of funds from your bank account within one to two business days.  If a check is returned, a returned check fee will be assessed.  Personal accounts only.  No corporate accounts (credit cards, home equity, traveler's checks, etc.).  Have the following information available in order to proceed:

Further instructions on how to submit deposits via Electronic Check are available on the Deposits & Payments section of our Web site will also be provided once you have submitted the application. 

  • Deposits via Electronic check must be done via NYUHome, and you must allow up to 24 hours for your access to NYUHome to be authorized.
  • International applicants should contact the NYU Bursars office for further payment options at 212-998-2806.

Required Health Insurance Information

Summer Living in New York applicants who are not matriculated NYU students and are not intending to enroll for a class at NYU this summer are not eligible to utilize the NYU Student Health Center. Having access to health care while living in NYU residence halls is a requirement. This requirement is designed to ensure that the non-NYU students who need urgent and preventive health and mental health care receiving ongoing care and protect themselves and the NYU community.

When applying, you will be required to confirm that you are enrolled for a class at NYU this summer or that you have health insurance coverage that meets the following criteria:

  • The insurance company should be headquartered and operating in the US, with a US claims address and customer service telephone number. (International applicants who do not meet this requirement should contact the Summer Living in New York Program.)
  • The insurance coverage should remain in effect for the entire period of your stay in NYU School of Law housing.
  • The plan should provide inpatient hospitalization benefits in the New York City area for both medical and mental health treatment.
  • The plan should provide outpatient benefits in the New York City area (including coverage for office visits, outpatient mental health benefits and laboratory and radiology procedures). Coverage limited to emergency care does not meet this requirement.
  • The maximum benefit payable under the insurance plan should be at least USD $250,000 per condition.

Applicants must confirm that they have health insurance that includes the above recommendations, or other financial resources to cover their health needs while in NYU summer residential housing.


Please review the cancellation policy noted on our Web site and the housing license prior to submitting the application.  Cancellation penalties may be assessed even if original housing charges have not been paid in full.

Prior to submitting the application, please note:

  • Read the License Agreement as well as all information pertaining to the Summer Living Submitting an application does not guarantee placement. The license is a binding contract, and all applicants must agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth. All applicants agree to review and abide by all policies and regulations of the University and NYU School of Law Department of Residence Services that are or shall become effective during the license period.
  • New York University is bound by federal law to protect each applicants/resident's right to privacy. We must abide by the tenets of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.  According to FERPA guidelines, NYU cannot provide information about any student's residency to third parties.  This information includes, but is not limited to, assignment verification, application information, account statements and telephone numbers.  All inquiries about an application must come from the applicant directly.
  • Applications must be submitted by the individual applying for accommodations with the Summer Living in New York program.

To proceed, applicants must have a valid NYUHome Account and NYU ID Number. Applications submitted with invalid NYU ID Numbers, or by an applicant who does not have access to NYUHome, will be deleted.

Note:  The Summer Living in New York Program at NYU School of Law has no affiliation with the NYU Summer Housing Program.

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