Personal Property Insurance

NYU assumes no responsibility for your personal property. This includes property lost, stolen, or damaged in academic and residential buildings.

As noted in the housing license, each resident is responsible for his or her personal property; therefore, it is suggested that residents carry property insurance. Renters' or tenants' insurance is a form of personal property insurance which can provide a year of coverage at a reasonable cost.

If you do not already have a policy that will cover lost or damaged property, you may choose to purchase an insurance policy, some of which are especially designed for university students. CSI Insurance Agency offers a plan for students.

The insurance companies below have been listed for your convenience. This information is offered as an option and is not intended as an endorsement of any company.

CSI Insurance Agency
104 Bombay Lane
PO Box 1207
Rosewall GA 30077-1207
Tele: (888) 411-4911
Fax: (678) 832-4910
Email: info@csiprotection.com
Web: collegestudentinsurance.com

National Student Services Inc.
PO Box 2137
Stillwater OK 74076-2137
Tel: (800) 256-NSSI
Fax: (405) 372-9584
Email: contactus@nssi.com
Web: www.nssi.com/