Hayden Hall Furniture Dimensions

The approximate dimensions of the furniture provided in Hayden Hall are provided below.

Book Case
29 inches High X 30 inches Wide X 10 inches Deep

Kitchen Table (Type A, C, D, F and J Apartments)
29 inches High X 32 inches Wide X 32 inches Long

Kitchen Table (Type G Apartments)
29 inches High X 42 inches Wide X 32 inches Long

Desk/Kitchen Chair
31 inches High X 19 inches Wide X 17.25 inches Deep

29 inches High X 60 inches Wide X 31 inches Deep

Bed (Type C, F and J Apartments)
36 inches Wide X 80 inches Long
Two drawers are located in the base of the bed.

Bed (A, D and E Apartments)
60 inches Wide X 80 inches Long


Lounge Chair

30 inches High X 26 inches Wide X 21 inches Deep



Dresser (2 Drawer)

28 inches High X 18 inches Wide x 15.5 inches Deep