The Department of Residence Services strives to provide an environment which supports your studies at the law school through well-maintained facilities, community-enhancing activities, policies and procedures that are comprehensive, easily understood, and equitable. We work to create an atmosphere where learning is fostered, diversity is embraced, and mutual respect for all members of the community is cultivated.  Take a moment to learn about what NYU School of Law housing has to offer!

The Department of Residence Services is continually working to improve the residential experience of our students through renovations, ongoing projects, and a commitment to Green Initiatives.

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NYU LAW SCHOOL BICYCLE PARKING NYU Law School offers bicycle parking for members of its community.  You may park your bicycle without the need for a reservation at both Vanderbilt Hall Courtyard and... more

http://www.law.nyu.edu/housing/summerhousing/summernyuschooloflawstudentssnyu All Summer Housing Applications should be submitted online by Monday, March 3, 2014 for priority in the assignment... more

2014-2015 Lottery and Room Selection now available! Monday, January 27-Monday, February 3, 2014:  Application Available Online  Lottery and Room Selection applications available online: http://... more

2014-2015 Lottery and Room Selection http://www.law.nyu.edu/housing/oncampushousing/lotteryandroomselection/ Friday, January 24, 2014: Information Session   3pm Lottery & Room Draw Process... more

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