Hospitality and Food Services

Policies and Procedures

Catering Policies and Procedures

The NYU School of Law is proud of its reputation for hosting quality events. Therefore, the Office of Hospitality and Food Services must provide any catering in Law School Facilities. With the exception of classrooms, no outside food may be brought in at any time. In order to fulfill our pledge of excellent food service to you, we have outlined the following requirements:

When having an event with outside food and beverage, please submit a check in the amount of $150.00 payable to New York University for deposit. Hand deliver payment to 110 West Third Street, Room M-101 between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm. This deposit will be refunded and can be picked up from the office after the event function space is left clean and free of debris. No exceptions for first time offenses will be waived.

Requests for catering and room set up must be provided to the Hospitality and Food Services office by the Monday of the week prior to the event. Menus and set up requirements are distributed to the chef and building staff on Wednesday afternoon for the following week. Your cooperation with this deadline is necessary and is very much appreciated in order to ensure that all your expectations are met.

A guaranteed minimum number of guests is required three business days prior to each catered event. This number will be the guarantee for which the Chef will order and on which all charges are based. No decrease in number will be accepted within three working days of the catered event.

Cancellations of events within three business days before an event will be billed 100% of the estimated staff charge; food and beverage charges will be determined by the Hospitality and Food Services office depending on what purchases had been made on behalf of the client at the time of the cancellation.

Final Guarantee - At 12 noon, 3 business days prior to your event, you are guaranteed to pay for the items listed. Any changes to the details of the event (i.e. number of covers for food and beverage, service, flowers and rentals) must be given to the Office of Hospitality and Food Services before this deadline or else the expected count will serve as the guarantee. Changes after the deadline are subject to a 45% surcharge and/or additional delivery charge.

The Office of Hospitality and Food Services prides itself in preparing excellent cuisine and in using only the finest quality ingredients from local purveyors. Due to the fluctuation of market prices or other circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to either change listed recipe ingredients, or upon notification of the client, to add a supplemental charge in order to include the listed ingredients.


Vanderbilt Hall Courtyard

The Courtyard serves as the main point of entry for Vanderbilt Hall and as a peaceful and quiet place for conversation by the members of our community. Recently, the courtyard underwent a major renovation which included the addition of a fountain and new landscaping, and remains the most recognizable physical characteristic of the Law School. In order to preserve the Courtyard for its primary intended uses, Student Groups are not allowed to use the Courtyard for any social events. Only one exception will be made for the traditional SBA garden parties.