Hospitality and Food Services

Furman Hall

Furman Hall is located at 245 Sullivan Street, between Washington Square South and West Third Street. It is two blocks east of the West Fourth subway station (A,C, E, B, D, F, and V lines). Minetta Parking is the nearest parking facility (122 W. 3rd St. between 6th Avenue and MacDougal St., (212) 777-3530), however here is a link to additional nearby parking garages:

For detailed pre-recorded directions to the Washington Square Campus via all methods of ground transportation, call (212) 995-4989, or view our online directions.


Classrooms and Seminar Rooms


*University rates do not apply to the Law School. Law School Offices, Law School Student Organizations: $25.00 per classroom (weekends only). All University events recieve a 25% discount off of the external room rates.


Room Capacity Pricing
Classroom 210 50

$450.00 (University)
$600.00 (External)

Classroom 212 60 $525.00 (University)
$700.00 (External)
Classroom 214 79 $618.75 (University)
$825.00 (External)
Classroom 216 146

$768.75 (University)
$1,025.00 (External)

Classroom 326 34

$450.00 (University)
$600.00 (External)

Classroom 334 34

$450.00 (University)
$600.00 (External)

Seminar Room 110 25 $450.00 (Unievrsity)
$600.00 (External)
Seminar Room 118 20 $393.75 (University)
$525.00 (External)
Seminar Room 120 35

$450.00 (University)
$600.00 (External)

Seminar Room 310 25 $393.75 (University)
$525.00 (External)
Seminar Room 316 25 $393.75 (University)
$525.00 (External)
Seminar Room 318 25 $393.75 (University)
$525.00 (External)
Seminar Room 324 25 $393.75 (University)
$525.00 (External)
Seminar Room 330 20 $393.75 (University)
$525.00 (External)



Venue Description

Furman Hall features smart classrooms and seminar rooms with sloped seating, continuous desktops, an internet connection at each seat, laptop projection capabilities, audiovideo conferencing, and audiovideo recording capabilities.


Lester Pollack Colloquium Room, James H. Fogelson Seminar Room and Gallery: Please contact (212) 998-6117 for reservations.

Lester Pollack Colloquium Room Pricing:

University Offices: $975.00
External Organizations: $1,300.00

James H. Fogelson Seminar Room (FH Support Room 910) Pricing:

University Offices: $525.00
External Organizations: $700.00


Standard Set-up

View PDF Floorplan


Venue Description

The Lester Pollack Colloquium Room is a unique facility reserved for noteworthy conferences featuring high profile participants from both within and outside the NYU School of Law community. In order to use the LPCR, an event must have at least 50 and no more than 75 participants.

The James H. Fogelson seminar room (Furman Hall, Room 910) should not be considered a "stand alone" facility, but rather should only be used to augment a conference taking place in the LPCR. When an event is scheduled in the LPCR, room 910 can be used as a breakout room, as a luncheon or dinner location with seating for a maximum of 25 people, or, in tandem with the Fogelson Gallery area, as a location for coffee breaks and standing receptions for up to 75 guests. There may not be one group booked into room 910 while another group is booked into the Lester Pollack Colloquium Room.

Groups using the LPCR and the Fogelson Seminar Room and Gallery may not bring in outside food or beverages. Catering for these facilities is available through the Office of Hospitality and Food Services. Catered functions that require china service will be subject to an additional rental fee. The functionality of this space does not allow for hot served meals.

Requests for use of the LPCR and the Fogelson spaces will be reviewed on a case by case basis and are not done via the online booking system. Requests to reserve this space should be sent to

Please list the following important information when requesting the Lester Pollack Colloquium Room:

  • Name of the event
  • Time and date of the event
  • Account number
  • Number of attendees
  • Name/s of the event recipient and name/s of the guest speakers
  • Client information: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.