Hospitality and Food Services

D'Agostino Hall

D'Agostino Hall is located at 110 West Third Street at MacDougal Street. There is a separate special events entrance at 108 West Third Street. Any deliveries or pre-event appointments should be directed to the 110 address, while all function participants and attendees should be given the 108 address.

Please select from the links at the left to view descriptions and rates of the rooms located in D'Agostino Hall. Clients using the 108 west Third Street entrance will acquire a Guard fee for their event. This service is a mandatory service and cannot be waived. Clients requesting a coat check are also subjected to a fee. Please refer to the section Additional Services and Extra Charges for prices.


**There is a foyer area in between Lipton Hall and Faculty Club. If the client wishes to use this foyer area for anything other than registration, you must book both Lipton Hall and Faculty Club.