Hospitality and Food Services

Reserving a Space

Event space at New York University School of Law is available for Law School or University sanctioned events as well as qualified 501-C (3) non-profit organizations. Select from the room listings to your left to see a brief description of each of our facilities, along with rental fees for both University events and external events. All room charges are based on 4-hour block rentals.

Please note: When booking space, please refer to our Blackout Date Calendar regarding space availability.

Definition of Blackout Dates

AO1: Space Available Only to New York Unversity School of Law and New York University Clients.

BO2: Space is Available to New York Unversity School of Law and New York University Clients. However, Space is Limited Due to the Law School Calendar of Events.

August December April

BO2: August 19 - 31
(Orientation Events Only)

BO2: December 10 - 21 (Finals)
*Winter Break

AO1: Entire Month

April 10 - April 30 (Finals)

September January May

*Labor Day Weekend
*Rosh Hashanah
*Yom Kippur

*Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend

BO2: May 1 - 17 (Finals, Graduation Ceremonies)
*Memorial Day Weekend

October February June
AO1: Entire Month *President's Day Weekend - Limited Availability Due to Construction Projects
November March July
*Thanksgiving Weekend (Except LLM Events) AO1: Entire Month - Limited Availability Due to Construction Projects



"Law School" and "University" rates are billed to internal groups within NYU School of Law or the University, respectively, who are primarily responsible for all the planning, on-site management, and expenses related to an event. According to University guidelines, event "sponsorship" exists only when a branch of the University maintains an ongoing sponsorship of an outside organization, not just a specific event of that organization. Affiliation of a member of the faculty or administration with an outside event or organization does not automatically qualify the event for either the Law School or the University rate. Please call the Office of Special Events at (212) 998-6113 if you have questions about whether an event qualifies for the University rate.



Once a booking is confirmed with the Office of Hospitality and Food Services, all other requests for that space on that day are denied. In the event of a cancellation, the organization booking that space will be charged unless the event is canceled more that one month prior to the event. If the cancellation occurs one month to two weeks prior to the event, $100 will be charged. For cancellations within two weeks prior to the scheduled event, the full fee will be assessed.


External Billing Policy

If you are an external group or law firm NYU Law Office of Hospitality and Food Services and CulinArt will require a 50% initial payment of your event prior to the day of your event; final payment is due 30 days after your event. Event payments can be made by check or credit card.


View a PDF of all our Room Diagrams.