Hauser Scholars Program

The Hauser Scholars Program

As part of the Hauser Global Law School, the Hauser Scholars Program was founded in 1995 at the initiative of alumna Rita Hauser and NYU School of Law. Since its inauguration, the Hauser Scholars Program has become the leading initiative pursuing the adaptation of legal education in the United States towards an increasingly global perspective. It reflects the Law School's conviction that the practice of law and legal research has escaped the bounds of any particular jurisdiction and that legal education can no longer ignore the interpenetration of legal systems.

Each year a distinguished Hauser Scholars Selection Committee selects 10-14 of the finest students from countries across the world. These select individuals are invited to join the NYU School of Law community as Hauser Global Scholar LLM candidates and to share their perspectives and experiences from their own legal systems with the rest of the Law School academic community. The Hauser Global Scholars are fully funded throughout the year of their studies at NYU School of Law and are integrated intellectually and socially in the events of the Hauser Global Law School and NYU School of Law.

At its inception, the Hauser Scholars Program focused entirely on LLM candidates. In recent years, the program had been broadened and shifted conceptually to further focus on its academic dimensions by selecting, in addition to the LLM candidates, one or two Hauser Research Scholars who were young academics in the first stages of their academic careers. The program provided funding and support to such academics in order that they could dedicate themselves in an academic environment towards completing a significant scholarly project and further integrated their scholarly projects with the work of colloquia, foras and seminars comprising the rich intellectual community at NYU School of Law. In its current form, the Hauser Scholars Program has reverted to the core of its mission by refocusing entirely on Hauser Global Scholar LLM candidates, who remain the heart of the program.

The Hauser Scholars Program cultivates the interaction of ideas stemming from different legal systems that is at the core of the Hauser Global Law School.