Financial Aid

LRAP Application

Applying for LRAP


Applicants can request access to the LRAP application by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services at When it becomes available, the live link to the online application will be listed on the website as well. Eligibility for LRAP benefits is contingent upon the submission of a completed application and the receipt of all supporting documents as needed. Retroactive benefits for any period in which these requirements have not been met will not be available. If this will impact your ability to pay your loans, please contact your lender or servicer and put the loans in forbearance  for the period in question.

Recent graduates who are applying for LRAP coverage for the first time may need to provide additional documentation. Please review the list below to get a sense of the programmatic requirements. 


Required Supporting Documentation



New Participant

Returning Participant

Loan Verification Form x x

Employment Verification Form   / Self-Employment Form

(choose one for applicant type)

x x
Federal Tax Return (all schedules included) x x
Pay Stub x x
Statements of Summer Earnings  * x  


* Applicants have the ability to document and submit summer earnings to the Office of Student Financial Services while in attendance. If you have already completed this request, an additional copy is not needed when completing the application for LRAP benefits. Please contact the office if you have any questions or are not sure of your status.




Transfer Students - Additional Supporting Documentation



Federal Student Aid Report (SAR) from 1L
Letter from 1L school confirming Student Expense Budget (SEB)
Record of Financial Aid received in 1L (loans, scholarships, grants, etc.)
Statement of Summer Earnings 

Transfer students interested in applying for coverage in LRAP are encouraged to provide this information to the Office of Student Financial Services upon arrival. 


Status Changes

Participants are required to notify our office, in writing, within thirty days of any personal or financial changes that may impact the calculation of LRAP benefits, including but not limited to changes in employment, income, marital status, or if loans are in a forbearance or deferment. Participants are also required to notify our office of changes in their contact information. If you are in doubt about the necessity of reporting an event or change, please contact our office for guidance. Note: Participants only need to nofity us of changes in interest rates on their educational loans on the annual application.


Benefits are disbursed twice annually. If a participant's LRAP benefits change in between disbursements due to a change in status, any corresponding adjustment will be included in the next scheduled benefit disbursement. Participants should plan accordingly in order to manage the payment of their loans in anticipation of such an adjustment.

For information regarding the taxability of LRAP benefits, please consult IRS guidelines or your personal tax advisor.

Program and Formula

NYU is strongly committed to LRAP but neither the existence of the Program nor the formula used to calculate LRAP benefits is guaranteed. The formula and other terms of the Program will be interpreted at the discretion of the Program Administrator and may be adjusted as Program resources, participation rates, and indebtedness of participants change. Participants may receive more or less funding in succeeding years.

If you would like to learn more about LRAP, we encourage you to read through the Program Description or email us at or call (212) 998-6050.