Office of Financial Management


The following are forms managed by the Office of Financial Management. If you have any questions about how to use these forms, please call us at (212) 998-6140. For all original forms that are submitted to our office for final approval, please also submit a copy for record keeping purposes.

These forms are used for non-payroll employees. Employee reimbursements (including Advances) and payments to AMEX must be processed via AP WORKFLOW. Learn more about AP WORKFLOW.

Business Payment Form (BUS5000): Use this form to arrange for payment to a business entity with a Federal Tax ID number.

Payment to Individuals Form (IND 4000): Use this form to arrange for payment to individuals with Social Security Number who are not NYU employees or students.

Student Reimbursement Form (EXP 2000S): Use this form to arrange for payment reimbursement to current NYU students. The option for direct cash payment from the Office of the Bursar is available, refer to the top option of this form.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form: To be used by NYU employees/students only for enrollment or change of existing information for direct deposit of paycheck, stipend check, and expense reimbursement.

Missing/Inadequate Documentation Report: Use this form when you are requesting reimbursement from the University for expenses that are not supported by original receipts.