Conference on The Effects of Digitization, Globalization, and Nationalism on Competition Law
NYU School of Law
Thursday-Friday-Saturday, June 21-23, 2018

Abstract: NYU School of Law hosted the 13th annual conference of the Academic Society for Competition Law (ASCOLA) on June 21-23, 2018.  Several trends affect our markets. Many markets are going digital or are affected by the digitization of related markets. A broad variety of technological developments, including the introduction of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and Big Data, and greater connectivity and storage capacities, have all contributed to digitization. Digitization, in turn, has enabled more markets to become truly global, although enforcement is still national. Globalization has led to the promotion, at least in some jurisdictions, of an opposite trend of national self-interest. This conference sought to explore the effects on competition law of these three trends, as well as the interplay between them.

Academic Society for Competition Law [ASCOLA]
NYU School of Law
Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies, Loyola University Chicago School of Law


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Konstantina Bania
Jan Blockx
Marco Botta and Klaus Wiedemann
Anca Chirita
Niccolò Colombo
Victoria Daskalova
Fabiana Di Porto and Gustavo Ghidini
Francesco Ducci
Robin Feldman and Nick Thieme
Maria Ioannidou
Ioannis Lianos Extended Abstract
Maria Madi Draft Paper
Alexandra Mikroulea
Ittai Paldor
Urska Petrovcic
Piotr Semeniuk
Toshiaki Takigawa
Masako Wakui
Spencer Waller
Nicolo Zingales