Information Law Institute


Algorithms and Accountability

On February 28th, 2015, we will hold a conference titled Algorithms and Accountability at NYU. Details of the conference will be announced soon.

Symposium on Student Privacy

Together with the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center, ILI organized a symposium on student privacy in higher education entitled “Building Privacy into Data-Driven Education.” The event examined the new ethical concerns, legal questions and institutional challenges raised by the growth in use of data-driven platforms at higher education institutions. 

Symposium on Obfuscation

The Symposium on Obfuscation brought together experts from a variety of backgrounds who study, script and design technologies that either simulate, detect, or are susceptible to obfuscation. By obfuscation we mean the production of misleading, ambiguous and plausible but confusing information as an act of concealment or evasion. In the course of the day, we will critically explore and assess the use of obfuscation as a strategy for individuals, groups or communities to hide; to protect themselves; to protest or enact civil disobedience, especially in the context of monitoring, aggregated analysis, and profiling in (digital) space. Read more here.

Governing Algorithms Conference

This conference set out to explore the recent rise of algorithms as an object of interest in scholarship, policy, and practice. Taking a fresh view on the current wave of interest in the topic, we discussed themes such as:
  • the very idea of “algorithms” as a subject and object of analysis
  • issues of methodology and the kind of knowledge claims that come with algorithms
  • the rhetoric of problems and solutions, in which algorithms are mobilized
  • questions of agency and automation
  • conceptions of secrecy or inscrutability
  • normative concerns
  • rules and regulations surrounding development and implementation

Read more and watch the videos of the event here.