Information Law Institute

The Information Law Institute is an academic center for the study of law, policy, and social norms defining and affecting the flow of information in a digitally networked society.

Its mission is to encourage and disseminate thoughtful research and commentary, welcoming the participation of faculty, students, and other researchers across the disciplinary spectrum. 

Ongoing activities of the ILI, including the Colloquium on Information Technology and Society (ITS Colloquium), the Privacy Research Group (PRG), conferences, and workshops bring together not only scholars from diverse fields, but also policy makers, public interest advocates, and practitioners.  As a venue for research and sharing ideas on societal impacts of information technology and digital media, the ILI promotes deeper understanding of key issues such as intellectual property, privacy, security, telecommunications, access-to-knowledge, technology design, civil liberties, Web 2.0, and more.

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