Faculty Director

Rachel E. Barkow is Faculty Director of the Center.

Executive Director

Courtney Oliva is Executive Director of the Center.

Senior Fellows

Michael Bosworth is a Senior Fellow at the Center.
Anne Milgram is a Professor of Practice, Distinguished Scholar in Residence, and Senior Fellow at the Center.

Distinguished Fellow

Tali Farhadian Weinstein is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Center. 


Much of the Center's work is done by students at New York University School of Law who are fellows at the Center. The fellows are selected after a competitive application process, and are involved in all aspects of the Center's work. Read more about the Center's fellows.

Scholar In Residence

The Center regularly selects a scholar-in-residence who is a criminal law expert from legal practice, law enforcement, journalism, or academia. During their residency, these scholars-in-residence work with the Center and produce original scholarship on topics of interest to the Center. Susan Bandes will be our scholar-in-residence for the spring semester 2017. Sharon Dolovich was a scholar-in-residence for academic year 2012-2013. Alexandra Natapoff was a scholar-in-residence during the summer of 2012. Dan Markel was a scholar-in-residence for the calendar year 2011, and Kimberly Kessler Ferzan was a scholar-in-residence for academic year 2011-2012. Erin Murphy was the Center's scholar-in-residence for academic year 2009-2010, and Maximo Langer was a scholar-in-residence for academic year 2010-11.