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You can help to ensure active and diverse representation on the Board by nominating qualified alumni candidates or submitting a self-nomination during the open-nomination period. The nomination period ends August 7, 2017.

Joseph E. Ehrlich ’97 

Vice Presidents
Katrina James ’07
Jonathan G. Kortmansky ’94
Boji Wong ’04 

Katharine M. Atlas ’06
Nancy Batterman ’85
Robert Bulger ’83
Michelle B. Cherande ’97 
Kalyan Das LLM ’89
John Edward Failla ’88
Gerardo Gomez Galvis ’12
Lauren Giles ’08
Marshall J. Gluck ’68 LLM ’70
April Gu ’10
Cheryl Haas ’96
Nancy Henry ’75
Nicole Idoko ’14 
William I. Kaplan ’82
Tarek M. Khanachet ’08
Alan Klinger ’81
C. Scott Lent ’99
Igor Levin ’92
Hope Lewis LLM ’09
Florencia Librizzi LLM ’12
Cynthia Fernandez Lumermann ’11
Stephen Mar ’11 
Elio F. Martinez, Jr. ’85
Henrik Patel ’01
Lance Polivy ’13
Suzanna Publicker Mettham ’09 
Wayne Rapozo ’88
Terry Rose Saunders ’73
Helfried J. Schwarz MCJ ‘88
Howard J. Shire ’79
Joshua Simpson ’12
Marilyn Sobel ’78
Evert Vink MCJ ’95
Stefanie Wool ’05
Sara Zablotney ’02
Evan Zisholtz ’09 

Associate Directors
Sarah Davidoff ’96
Tara J. Gabbai '96
Linda M. Gadsby '92
Loren M. Gesinsky ’91
John B. Harris ’85
Charlotte A. Hitchcock '91
William I. Kaplan '82 
Myron Kove LLM '67
Joseph J. LaRosa '83
Bruce March ’87
The Honorable Joseph K. McKay, '69
Peter Morrison ’99
Lois Nacht Rosen '79
Raymond B. Schwartzberg LLM '72
Alessandra Tebaldi LLM '05
Daniela W. Tisch ’08
The Honorable Richard Orrin Tolchin, '55
Sabrina I. Ursaner ’10
Omid Zareh '95

Honorary Directors
Norma C. Abbene '89
Herbert Barbot ’91
Valerie L. Bowen '90
Kelvin D. Chen '04
Lloyd B. Chinn '92
Sandra Coudert Graham ’94 
Edward G. Eisert '73
Steven H. Epstein '86
Philip L. Friedman ’68 
Tiffany Gardner '01
Stephen R. Greenwald '66, LLM '95
Samuel P. Gunther '66, LLM '71
Frederick S. Harris '79
T. Randolph Harris '77, LLM '83
Patricia E. Hennessey '79
Patricia Hewitt '90
Joel Hirschtritt ’70  
Christine Homer '90
Peter Lallas '04
Scott M. Lerman '94
Elizabeth Manko Libby '87
Monique J. Mulcare '91
Allen F. London '73
Sandra M. Marsh '81
Leigh M. Meaders-Robinson '94
Jeffrey L. Nagel '94
The Honorable Eduardo Padro, '80
Jonathan E. Pickhardt '98
Jason R. Pickholz '94
Tracy E. Pogue '91
Joseph Polizzotto ’78 
Mark D. Risk '84
Carol A. Robles-Roman '89
Lawrence M. Rosenstock '68
Sandor C. Schweiger '61
The Honorable Mark H. Snyder, ’77 
Kara H. Stein '95
Jerome Walker '84
Richard Wong '04



Past Presidents
Rocco F. Andriola '82, LLM '86
The Honorable Carol H. Arber '68
Edward E. Blakeslee '47, LLM '58
Emily T. Campbell '95
Leonard J. Felzenberg '55
Donald T. Fox '56
The Honorable Norman Goodman '50
Katherine R. Frink-Hamlett '91
Jonathan M. Herman '73
Paul C. Kurland '70
Marvin S. Lerman '65, LLM '70
Martin Lipton '55
Lawrence A. Mandelker '68
Robert J. McDermott '70, LLM '74
Steven S. Miller '70
Lester Pollack '57 (In Memoriam)
Carren B. Shulman '91

Lifetime Directors
Leonard Boxer '63
The Honorable Barry A. Cozier '75
The Honorable Betty Weinberg Ellerin '52
The Honorable Jonathan Lippman '68
The Honorable Raymond J. Lohier '91
The Honorable Rose Luttan Rubin '42 


LAA Committees

Admitted Students
The Committee assists the Office of Admissions in convincing accepted students to select NYU Law.  Committee members will also be available to serve as panelists.

Annual Alumni Luncheon Committee
The Committee determines the topic and speaker for the Annual Alumni Luncheon and does outreach to firms and alumni to ensure strong attendance.

Awards Committee
The Committee selects alumni celebrating their reunion to receive awards during Reunion Weekend.

Career Planning
Committee members assist the Office of Career Services in helping graduates obtain permanent employment and our 2L’s obtain summer internships. The Committee will also respond to various requests for assistance (e.g., implosion of Dewey & LeBoeuf).

Development Committee
The Committee aims to achieve 100% Board donation participation and assist the Office of Development in other fund-raising efforts.

Fall Conference Committee
The Committee works to determine the topic and speaker(s) for the LAA Fall Lecture.

Graduate Division Committee
The Committee assists the Graduate Division, including the Office of Graduate Affairs, the Office of Career Services, the Public Interest Law Center, and the JSD program in developing initiatives and programs tailored to the unique needs of our graduate law students and alumni. The Committee also works collaboratively with other Alumni Association committees to integrate graduate students and alumni into the areas the Alumni Association addresses.

International Alumni Committee
This committee develops initiatives to address the needs of over 5,000 law school graduates (JD and LLM) residing and/or practicing abroad.

Judges Committee
Committee members serve as volunteer judges for the Lawyering Program’s Motion and Oral Argument simulation for first-year students. All simulation judges are volunteers – judges, law professors and experienced practitioners – who critique students on their oral arguments, giving them a sense of the intensity and intellectual challenge of oral advocacy.  CLE credit may also be available to simulation judges.

Mentoring Committee
This Committee creates mentor-mentee opportunities by organizing Board members willing to meet/speak with current students and recent graduates who are seeking advice regarding a wide range of matters (e.g., pursuing a career in the public interest field, switching from law to business, raising a family while practicing law, working in-house, etc.)
To sign up as a mentor, please register here.

Nominating Committee
The Committee solicits nominations, reviews recommendations and selects alumni to the LAA Board.

Recent Graduate Committee
The Committee assists with targeting and addressing the needs of recent graduates including a holiday season and spring event.