Academic Careers Program

About the Academic Careers Program

The Academic Careers Program counsels, supports, and provides information and programming to NYU law students and alumni considering a career in law teaching.

"I find law teaching and legal academia to be the best job in the world: I have the opportunity to deepen my understanding and write on questions that interest me, while being part of a law school's vibrant intellectual community of stimulating colleagues and bright and engaged students." Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, ACP Faculty Director and NYU Law Professor

The services of ACP are available to anyone affiliated with the law school. Whether you are simply interested in learning about law teaching, or dedicated to becoming a professor, we are here to help you.

Professor WurglerACP’s primary services include an extensive website with information on the US academic market, publishing, fellowships, and the hiring process. The website also contains an interactive registration form that allows us to send you targeted emails containing invitations to upcoming events, fellowships, and job opportunities, and market tips. We sponsor numerous programs and brown bags ranging from an introduction to US law teaching and the U.S. law teaching market for first year students to an extensive “Scholarship Clinic” for those working on scholarship and publications.

If you are interested in a faculty position outside the United States, NYU has an extensive network of alumni and affiliates teaching abroad that can serve as a valuable resource as you consider teaching opportunities. For those on the US law teaching market, we offer assistance starting in March with introductory emails discussing the AALS faculty recruitment process. During late spring and summer we work with you to refine your application materials, and in September ACP sponsors a day long “Job Camp” with numerous programs as well as opportunities to present your scholarship and practice interviewing. In addition, we host a hospitality suite at the AALS hiring conference in Washington, DC. Assistance with mock interviews and moot job talks is also available.

All students and alumni are welcome to schedule an individual counseling appointment by emailing