The information on these pages is designed to assist you in scheduling your courses for the academic year.


JD Students

As a JD student, you should be thinking about the structure and progression of your curriculum as you move through your law school experience. Considerations might include:

  • The type of academic experiences you would like to have in law school
  • Whether you would like to specialize in a particular area of the law
  • What kind of skills you wish to develop through your coursework
  • Completing your degree requirements in a timely fashion.

It is recommended that you review the advising website,, available to all students. This website offers curricular advised perspectives from faculty along with their office hours.


LLM and JSD Students

As a graduate student, you must work with your faculty director to ensure that you are completing the course requirements for your specific degree program. Plan carefully to maximize the elective courses that are available to you in your program.


Additional Assistance

As you think about your courses, you should contact your faculty advisor or other faculty members in subject areas in which you are interested. For additional assistance, you may also contact the Senior Director of Academic Services (for all JD students) in Furman Hall, Suite 400 or the Office of Graduate Affairs (for all LLM, JSD, and Exchange students) in Furman Hall, Suite 340.