Welcome to the law school’s curriculum advising site. The faculty and administrators worked together to provide you with a wide-ranging and yet succinct amount of information to help you choose your courses and guide your way during your second and third years of law school.

As you can see from the links, you will find a range of information on this site. There is some general advice from the Vice Deans, which we recommend you read first. There is also a memorandum from Academic Services, which outlines the credit and other requirements you will need to meet in order to graduate.

After the basics, we have a wealth of information that you can peruse now, and also at any time you need guidance. Each curricular "area group" has posted its own memorandum recommending courses and providing ideas for study. On those pages we indicate faculty in the area group; you should feel free to approach any of them with area group related questions. In addition, we have some specialized pages to provide some thoughts and guidance on pursuing various sorts of careers.

We hope you find this site useful; we certainly welcome your feedback.