Advanced Corporate Tax Problems Seminar (5/22/2013)
Prof. M. Carr Ferguson

Civil Rights Clinic Litigation Seminar (4/25/2013)
Prof. Claudia Angelos

Corporate Tax I & II (Section 1) (4/23/2013)
Prof. Deborah Schenk

Corporations (Section 4) (6/17/2013)
Prof. William Allen

Criminal Procedure: The Adjudicatory Part - from First Appearance to Post Conviction (8/16/2013)
This class will be offered in spring 2014. The course title has been changed to Criminal Procedure: Pre-Trial, Trial, Post-Trial.
Prof. James Jacobs

European Union: Constitutional and Economic Law (8/1/2013)
Prof. Eleanor Fox

Fashion Law (6/28/2013)
Prof. Barbaran Kolsun

International Arbitration: Investment Arbitration (6/18/2013)
Prof. Andreas Lowenfeld

Jacobson Scholars Law & Business Projects Seminar: Writing Credit (7/17/2013)
Prof. Gerald Rosenfeld and Prof. Helen Scott

Law and Politics in the Reform of the Political Process Seminar (6/25/2013)
Prof. Bob Bauer

Law & Society in China: Criminal Justice in American Perspective Seminar (5/1/2013) (5/6/2013)
This class will be offered in Spring 2014.
Profs. Jerome Cohen and Ira Belkin

Legal English (Sections 1 and 2) (7/12/2013)
Prof. Karen Ross

Mergers and Acquisitions (Section 1) (6/24/2013)
A section of Mergers and Acquisitions taught by this instructor will be offered in Spring 2014.
Prof. Sean Griffith

Oil Pollution and the Marine Environment (7/12/2013)
Profs. John Kimball and Charles Anderson

Spanish for Lawyers (Section 2) (9/12/2013)
Prof. Maria Teresa Madinaveitia

Survey of International Tax (6/28/2013)
This class will be offered in spring 2014.
Prof. Leo Schmolka

Tort Law in Modern Administrative State Seminar (6/6/2013)
Prof. Catherine Sharkey

U.S. Legal Research, Writing and Analysis II (Section 6) (as of August 27, 2013) (10/2/2013)