Once inside your exam, you can expect the following functionality:

  1. The menus in the toolbar from left to right are: End Exam, Save, Edit, Format, Tools, Multiple Choice and Help.
    1. End Exam: Use this at the end of your exam to end and upload.
    2. Save: Your test will be auto-saved every 10 seconds with a full Auto-Backup every 2 minutes.  If you wish to save an extra backup, you can do so on this menu.
    3. Edit: You can Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete (PC-Only) and Select All (PC-Only).
    4. Format: You can Bold, Italic, Underline, Left, Center or Right Justify, Zoom (PC-Only) and add a select group of Special Characters.
    5. Exam Document: Use this to enter your Document ID and view your Exam Questions.
      Note: This feature is not used for in-class proctored or remote proctored exams. Exams administered during pandemic remote learning which occurred before October 15, 2021 used this feature.
    6. Multiple Choice: Use this to view and answer Multiple Choice questions. 
    7. Tools: You can Show Document Statistics, Show ScreenShield, Insert Answer Separation and Check Spelling.
    8. Help: General help and specific help related to Answer Separations and File Sizes (PC-Only).
  2. Mac users can make the Exam4 window larger by dragging the bottom right corner of the window or by clicking on the “+” button in the grey toolbar at the top.
  3. To the right of your answer page, you will see the time and save bar that progresses based on the 10 second auto-saves and resets after each full backup in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. You will also have the ability to Insert Answer Separator and show or hide the Document Statistics.  The document stats will track the number of words, lines, characters and characters with spaces.  If you are on a PC, you may need to use the scroll bar at the bottom of the Document Stats window to see all of the columns depending on your screen resolution.
  5. The document statistics will only differentiate between questions if you have an answer separator in between your answers.  If you do not have separators between your answers, your word count will be for the entire exam.
  6. Multiple Choice: While you are in the exam working on your answer sheet, perform the following steps to enter Multiple Choice answers:
    1. Click the “Multiple Choice” item on the menu bar (the Multiple Choice answer box will be displayed)
    2. Select the answer choice A-F  or  select True/False to designate your answer
    3. Use the up/down arrows to navigate through questions or by clicking directly on the question in the list on the right
    4. Click “Unlock” to change your answer or “Clear” to remove it
    5. When you are finished, press “Hide” to close the Multiple Choice answer box
    6. You may, at any time during the exam, open and view the Multiple Choice answer box to edit/change your answers by clicking the “Multiple Choice” item on the menu bar.