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Connecting to Network Drives

Connecting to the F and H Network Share Drives from Off-campus

Connecting to network drives (i.e. F and H drives) is now supported while off-campus.  Users wishing to connect to these drives may follow the instructions below.

Instructions are available for:

Connecting from Windows

  1. Install and open the NYU VPN Client.
  2. Confirm that the VPN connection is active by finding the Cisco icon in your computer’s taskbar (usually at the bottom-right of your screen, next to the time).
  3. Download the Network Shares access script.  Save this file to a known location on your computer that you can easily access (the Desktop folder is recommended).
  4. Double-click Network_Shares.bat
  5. Network_Shares.bat will open a black command window as shown below.
  6. At the Username prompt, type the username you use to login to your office PC (e.g. smithj) and press Enter.
  7. At the Password prompt, type your computer password and press Enter.
  8. The following message will appear for up to a minute while your computer connects to the F and H drives.
  9. Once the connection is complete, press any key to close the window.
  10. Your network drives should now be mounted.  To confirm this, open your start menu, and click on Computer
  11. In the main window, you should see your F and H drives as highlighted in the example below.


Connecting from a Mac

  1. Install and open the NYU VPN Client.
  2. Confirm that the VPN connection is active by hovering over the Cisco icon in the top title bar.
  3. Open Finder, click the “Go” menu at the top of the screen, then click “Connect to Server…”
  4. Enter each of the following under “Server Address:” as appropriate.
    • For the H Drive: smb://*******
      (enter your username e.g. SmithK instead of ******)
    • For the F Drive: smb://
    • For a Journal drive: smb://
  5. Click the “+” sign to save this in the Favorite Servers list.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all needed drives.
  7. Select one of the drives from the Favorite Servers list, then click the “Connect” button.
  8. In the login dialogue box that appears, do the following
    • Select Registered user.
    • Type nyulaw\******* (enter your username e.g. SmithK instead of *******) in the “name” field.
    • Type your computer password in the “password" field.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to connect to additional drives.

Thereafter, to connect to the network drives, repeat steps 2, 3, 7, and 8.



  • You will need to establish a VPN connection each time you wish to connect to your network drives.  Once you have established the VPN connection, you will need to run the network shares script to complete the connection to your network drives.
  • The VPN client uses your NetID and NYUHome password.  The script that connects to your network drives uses your office PC username and password.  This is an important distinction.
  • If you cannot successfully complete the connection to your network drives, try rebooting your PC and trying again.  If you cannot successfully connect after a reboot, please contact the helpdesk at (212) 998-6111 or .