Graduate Tax Program Summer Session

Dropping a Summer Session Course

Once registered for a summer session course, students may drop or withdraw from it by submitting a drop form or e-mailing an unequivocal statement that they wish to drop the class to Liz Robison at

Note: Continuing students may not withdraw from a summer class online by using the online COURSES registration system.

The date of receipt by the Law School of the drop form or drop request, not the last date of attendance in class, is considered the official date of the student's withdrawal. It is this official date that serves as the basis for computing any refund granted to the student. Registration and services fees are non-refundable after a certain date, and tuition becomes non-refundable after a certain date, regardless of whether a student has viewed class videos. Online courses additionally have a limit on how many course videos can be launched before tuition and fees become non-refundable.

Refunds of tuition

Please note that registering for a class incurs tuition and fee liability. When we use the term “refund” we are referring to a reduction in that liability, not just the situation where we return some portion of the money we have already received from you. Thus, if you register for a class and have not yet paid for the class, you are still liable for the cost of the course. Please do not register for a course without familiarizing yourself with the rules and deadlines regarding refunds, i.e., reducing tuition and fee liability. 

Refunds of tuition for dropped classes will be granted according to the following schedules. 

For all online-only courses: 

  • Withdraw by Friday, June 5, 2020 and having viewed fewer than three class sessions
    • 100% Tuition and registration fees
  • Withdraw by Friday, June 12, 2020 and having viewed fewer than four class sessions 
    • 100% Tuition, no refund of  registration fees  
  • Withdraw after June 12 but before July 2, 2020 and having viewed fewer than 7 class sessions
    • 55% Tuition, no refund of registration fees
  • Withdraw after July 2, 2020 or after watching 7 or more class sessions

Please note: Courses with insufficient enrollment will be cancelled with a full refund of tuition and fees.