Additional Sources of Funding

The SBA encourages student groups to spend their budgets on quality programming. To that end, there are mechanisms in place to provide additional funds to groups that propose additional events, which were not funded through the central budgeting process. All SBA funding for activities is conditional on OSA approval under University guidelines.

The Incentive Fund

The incentive fund is a fund designed to encourage student organizations to sponsor events throughout the year that they did not anticipate in their proposed budget. This fund can also be used to fund any new groups formed throughout the year. Incentive funding requests will require a budget. We provide a model budget below, but feel free to use your own if you have it. Please fill it out as your budget stands (i.e., without incentive funding).

Please view instructions for filling out the form and a sample completed form here.

You can find a model budget here.

You can find the Incentive Funding Application here.

The Prominence Fund

The Prominence Fund is distributed through NYU School of Law, and not the SBA. Students should contact the Office of Student Affairs for additional information by emailing

Student Intellectual Life Funding

Organizations wishing to host academic programming at the Law School should consider pursuing Student Intellectual Life Funding, which also provides non-SBA money to student groups.


The Office of Development and Alumni Relations can assist student groups with external fundraising opportunities.