Student Bar Association






Student-Faculty Committees: The SBA has the responsibility to make appointments to the Student-Faculty Committees. The student-faculty committee appointees work closely with members of the faculty to provide a student voice in faculty decisions and advocate for students on crucial matters before the Law School’s faculty. More information on applying is available on the Student-Faculty Committee page.


Coases List: Coases is the NYU Law student community's all-purpose listserv. Coases List is a resource for current law students to exchange and sell property and services with each other, to publicize law school related and noncommercial events, and to seek advice and opinions on matters incident to life at the law school. Any subscriber to Coases List is free to send an email to the list, and messages can be received as they are sent, or in a daily digest version.

Students will receive an email inviting them to join the law-coases Google Group and should subscribe using their email address, as non-NYU addresses will be unable to join. Settings can be managed by going to and clicking on “My groups.”


Weekly SBA Meetings: All SBA regular meetings are open to all members of the NYU Law community. Meetings will generally take place on Wednesdays at 7PM in FH, and times and locations will be posted in the SBA Weekly. If you have other questions or concerns, email


Monthly Deans Meetings: Once a month the SBA meets with Dean Morrison and various other Associate Deans from around the law school. This monthly forum allows the Executive Board to bring pressing issues to the direct attention of the Administration, and also the Administration to ask for student input.