Student Bar Association

Appendix B

NYU School of Law Faculty Committee Student Representative Nomination Form

The Role of Student-Faculty Committee Student Reps

In keeping with two of the Student Bar Association's primary goals—providing an effective medium for the expression of student's views and maintaining an effective liaison between students, the administration, and the faculty—the SBA Board of Governors shall appoint student representatives to each of the faculty committees at the law school. Unless otherwise noted, students are full voting members of the committees. Student Representatives are appointed to one-year terms. Check the committee descriptions to find out how many student positions exist on each committee.

Virtually every policy decision affecting law students is made first at the committee level before going to a full faculty vote. Representatives will be expected to participate in meetings of the Faculty Committees and to work closely with the SBA to act in the best interest of students. Student representatives will also be required to report to the SBA Executive Board on a regular basis regarding the status of the committee and any actions taken by the committee.

The full list of committees with descriptions is appended. The Dean may create special committees to study or address specific issues. These positions will be posted as notice is received. For further information on faculty committees, feel free to consult the SBA Constitution or the SBA Bylaws or direct any questions and concerns to the SBA Board of Governors at

Application Procedures

Please fill out the following form and return it electronically (via email) to Please put the following in the subject line: Student Faculty Committee Application.

Candidates will be notified of their positions by the end of September.

Unless otherwise noted, appointments are made by the SBA President with the advice and consent of the SBA Board of Governors. Past experience is not required. Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate interest in the work of the committee for which they are applying and who demonstrate that they will bring dedication and energy to their post. Candidates are required to submit a statement along with this nomination form outlining their interest in the committee, (one statement, 300 words or less, per committee applied for) ideas about the direction they want to see the committee moving and any unique qualities they bring to the table.

Candidates for (i) Inclusion and Diversity Committee; (ii) Harassment/ Bias Committee; (iii) Personnel Committee (Academic); (iv) Personnel Committee (Clinical); and (v) Personnel Committee (Lawyering)should indicate in their personal statement if they would like to be considered for a position as a representative of the ALSA Selection Board. Please refer to the specific committee descriptions for more details.

Nomination Form


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