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The SBA takes on many roles here at NYU Law, and we have worked hard to provide this website so that we can share information about the community with you. By clicking on the links above and to the left, you can navigate the site to find information including when and where we meet (all of our meetings are open, and we encourage students to attend and share any concerns they may have during our town halls), issues we have been discussing with the administration, and outlines for your courses.

If you are visiting our site from outside NYU Law, please note that unless otherwise indicated, all events are restricted to members of the NYU Law community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni).


If you have any questions about the SBA or anything on the site, please feel free to contact SBA President Arielle Lipan, ariellelipan@nyu.edu or use the general SBA email: law.sba@nyu.edu.

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A Note on What We Cannot Do:

Please note that we cannot provide any legal information or advice to anyone who writes to us, nor can we help you get in touch with students who are matriculated at NYU Law. Thank you.

The content on student group pages is created by each group and does not constitute official statements or views of NYU Law.